Pest Control and Management Albany NY

Regan Pest Services provides pest control for many types of insects including:

Bed BugsBed Bugs

Do you have bed bugs in Albany, NY? As the number of bed bug infestations grow in the Capital District, Regan Pest Services is getting more requests for service to eliminate bed bugs. Our bed bug trained inspector will provide a thorough inspection. If evidence of bed bugs is found, we will then recommend a thorough treatment and elimination plan to remove bed bugs efficiently.

Carpenter AntsCarpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a very common pest throughout New York. They build their nesting site inside wood which can cause major structural damage and in in some cases severely compromise structural integrity. Regan Pest Services offers a free carpenter ant inspection where they will search for signs of carpenter ant activity. These signs may include dead ant parts, the presence of frass (sawdust), noise coming from inside your walls or ceiling that sounds like crackling, damaged wood or seeing live ants. If any of these signs are found our carpenter ant specialist will then create a customized treatment plan for your home or business.


Do you have termites in your home or business? Call Regan Pest Services today. Our certified termite inspector will perform a thorough pest inspection, looking for all indications that you have an infestation. Signs of termite activity include the presence of winged or swarming termites, shelter tubes or excavated wood. Our experienced inspector will then develop a customized solution to eliminate your termite problem. Contact us today for more information.


Do you have a mouse in your house? Call us today. Our pest control specialists offer a wide variety of rodent removal services including rodent proofing, critter trapping and removal. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services at competitive rates. All of our services include a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee - or your money back.

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